Women's Health and Pregnancy Difficulties

Woman's health is an interesting topic for discussion and can be openly discussed. Fifty years ago people were taking it as a taboo to even acknowledge that woman participated in the act of love making, let alone suffer because of it. The female body has been created to pass many different stages during life with many changes and one of the major ones is being a mother.

 Being a mother means that your body has to face some of the greatest strains a body can go through, not just giving birth but also during these whole nine months of pregnancy. A woman's body is passing many hormonal changes that also manifest themselves physically.

These changes can have effect throughout the women's body that’s why pregnancy must not be considered as something embarrassing but a beautiful and unforgettable experience! Pregnant women must to feel comfortable to discuss anything they feel bad or need.  

It is something that definitely needs to be discussed with each woman’s doctor as it can be related to medical problems.

One of the later effects of birth or several births or even just the aging process is the drooping of woman’s breasts. This may be solved by the classic silicone implants, however this does not always have the best results, especially on woman who have excess skin from massive weight loss or pregnancy which sometimes make silicone implant look like a stone in a sock.

Different kind of breast creams are also been used from many pregnant woman during and after the pregnancy reducing the problem.

Another big issue is the extra weight you are having during the pregnancy. Many women are loosing control very easily and take more weight than the usual. The best way to lose these extra kilos is to be calm, reduce stress and understand that with patient and willing each woman can manage to lose them. Of course a correct diet from a professional dietician and some daily exercise are necessary.

A number of women after pregnancy can be suffer from puerperal depression. This may happen until the sixth month after the birth. The symptoms are not so pleasant. Women feel depression, the feeling that they don’t want their baby, they don’t want to speak with other people and they feel bad about their self, they don’t like their body. This may pass by supporting these women, showing them love and helping them to understand that having a baby is a blessing!

Hair loss is also a big problem after pregnancy and must be rectified immediately by visiting a dermatologist and follow the things you have to do. Some special shampoo and vitamins may help.

Pregnancy is a difficult stage for woman’s health but if you pay attention and be informed about it, all the stages you are going to pass would be easier and much enjoyable experience!