Necessary medications for travelling to Cyprus

Travelling to Cyprus you may need to get some specific medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for at your destination.

To protect yourself from illnesses and injuries while travelling, you can see a health-care provider at least four weeks before your trip, to allow time for your vaccines to take effect and to buy any necessary medications.

If you are already facing a medical problem before your trip you have to share your travel plans with your doctor and hear some necessary medical advices.
Medicines and items you may need:

If you are ill take with you the prescription of the medicines you take every day. Make sure you have enough medicines during your trip. Keep them in their prescription bottles and always in your carry-on luggage.

It’s always useful to take a medicine for diarrhea with you because the changing of the weather or the food from country to country may cause you a health problem.

Some drugs available by prescription in the US maybe illegal in other countries like Cyprus. Before you travel to Cyprus check if any of your medicines are illegal.

You may need iodine tablets and portable water filters to purify water if bottled water is not available. Sunglasses are also necessary to protect your eyes from harmful effects of UV sun rays because in summer temperatures in Cyprus are high.

To prevent mosquito bites you can take with you long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and a hat to wear outside.

In Cyprus you must also be careful during driving because Cypriots are right-hand drivers and it’s better to drive slowly until to get used to the roads.Car crashes are an often  cause of injury among travelers so if you are coming in Cyprus you have to protect yourself from these injuries by:

• Not to drive being drunk; 
• Wearing your seat belt and using car seats for children;
• Paying attention to local traffic laws;
• Wearing helmets when you ride bikes or motorcycles;
• Hiring a local driver if it’s needed;

Extra Tips:

• To avoid infections such as viral hepatitis do not share needles for tattoos, body piercing, or injections.
• After the trip when you are going to return home, if you are not feeling well, you should visit your doctor and mention that you have recently traveled.