Goods of the Mediterranean diet

Eating in Cyprus gives you the chance to taste healthy foods like fish, vegetables and many kinds of fruits. Mediterranean way of eating is considered as the healthier way of eating. This way of eating is protecting us from different illnesses like cancel, hard attacks and it makes our body stronger and our nutrition low in calories. This way of eating is used often in many countries, years now, and it seems that people who are eating with this way live more years.

The menu is simple and easy to make it and it is based on herbs, fruits, meat cooked without oil and fat, pulses, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, little home wine and fish. This type of food protects also our skin from wrinkles! With Mediterranean diet and with daily exercise we may find the secret of long beauty and health!
Secret keys of the Mediterranean diet include:

Putting plenty of exercise in our daily program
Eating a big portion of fruits and vegetables
Avoiding healthy fats such as olive oil and canola oil
Adding herbs and spices in our food instead of salt to flavor foods
Eating few nuts not many
Drinking red wine and use less sugar
Put fish in our daily program

Nuts are healthy also, high in fat but tree nuts, including walnuts, pecans, almonds and hazel nuts, are low in saturated fat. Nuts are high in calories, so we must not eat large amounts, generally no more than a handful a day and eat less honey-roasted or heavily salted nuts.

With this kind of food you can be more strong and healthier!