Eat healthy without giving up foods you like

The reasons why people have to eat healthy are plenty to list.

Being careful of what you are eating helps you avoid many illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  In order to eat healthy you don’t have to avoid all the foods you love. It is more about being in good physical shape, increasing your energy level, and feeling terrific.

We all need to take more time and put more thought into what we have to eat and drink. We are all rushed and short on time but that is no excuse to eating whatever is easiest or quickest. Mediterranean way of eating helps you improve your nutrition a lot.

In Cyprus we have plenty of healthy foods like fish, fruits and vegetables, good quality green oil, olives and other more.
You have to make sure to drink water. Water is an important part of a healthy eating plan.  After all our body is comprised of 75% water.  Water helps us also to flush our bodies of toxins and waste products.

Cypriot way of nutrition contains fresh fruits and vegetables. If we eat plenty of these items throughout the day our sugar and energy levels will remain in check.

It’s wise to think how many calories you really need to consume throughout the day.  A building worker will burn up more calories than somebody who is working in an office. Don’t eat more than you will burn.

Pay attention to the portion size of your meals.The reality is that our portion size has been doubled or tripled over recent.I believe that one of the reasons are many take away places in Cyprus which make ready quickly and harmful to health foods and people are buying them as an easy way of eating instead of spending extra time on cooking.If somebody takes a take away meal then it will be much bigger in size than the home made one.So be carefull!

If you use the above tips it will not be that difficult to eat healthy.